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A celebrated stand up comedian, coach and motivator walks you through how even the smallest idea can turn into your biggest dream come true!
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“If you want to be happy, be.” ~Leo Tolstoy
Brian Corrion
Brian Corrion has a perennial attitude and lives life to the fullest. He has owned twelve different businesses, in addition to being a landlord. When the economy took a dive in 2006-2010 he lost everything, five business, 14 properties, and his home. 

He closed, liquidated or sold his 5 businesses, and ran up $80,000 in credit card debt to weather the storm. All the while keeping a positive life-goes-on attitude.

When he hit bottom with $150 to his name and eight foreclosure notices in his mailbox in one day, Brian knew he wanted to help other people avoid the same situation and made a plan to do it. 
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What is Boativation? bo·ti·va·tion | \bō-tə-vā-shən\: derived from the word motivation. Getting inspired by boats to spend more time on the water; a symbol of success or achievement in your life. 

We help Entrepreneurs and Business owners grow their business as a Freedom Lifestyle Business, giving them More Free Time to do the thing they love with Family and Friends

Communication that works with Everyone

Get what you want out of life using the correct communication skills to get it. 

Increase Your Profits

Increase your profits while decreasing your work hours, allowing you more time for family, leisure and personal pursuits.

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Simplify your business to enjoy more confidence, creativity, passion, purpose, and stress free abundance.

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Attract like minded customers, that think like you.
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